Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pudding Fail

So lately I have been craving chocolate pudding.It's soft, smooth texture is very comforting and during the winter months, comfort is what I need. I also had a surplus of whole milk that needed used, so that factored into my desire to make pudding.

To find a recipe, I headed to one of my favorite websites, foodgawker. As I perused the recipes, I found that I had two options: make a pudding with cocoa powder or make a pudding with real chocolate. I decided upon real chocolate because I wanted something really chocolatey. I eventually chose this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

The recipe was only supposed to take 20 minutes at the stove, but I wound up hovering over the stove for about an hour. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong, but the recipe asks you to cook the custard in a double boiler, and I think the indirect heat was the problem. After nearly an hour, my pudding never thickened and was just a custard, maybe a little thicker than creme anglaise.

It wasn't until I was asleep that night that I realized one thing I had done wrong with the recipe: I had added 5 ounces of chocolate instead of 6. Oops. The custard was still chocolatey and delicious, just not the texture I was looking for.

I served the "pudding" on Friday when I had Frakah over for dinner. I served it in nice little bowls with some whipped cream spiked with scotch whiskey. I discovered that the scotch paired nicely with the pudding as I was making the pudding because I sipped some scotch as I tasted the custard. I have to say, it was still tasty and chocolatey, but I am determined to try a different recipe, perhaps one that calls for eggs.

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