Monday, February 21, 2011

Funk Betty Balls

Colorful Yumminess
That's right. Funk Betty Balls. Okay, so a little back story here. Way back when, at some time, my mom misheard either my sister or me saying "funfetti," as in funfetti cake, so she thought we said "funk Betty." Mind you, my mom mishears a lot of things. She also likes to make up words. Like schnoll. I'm still not sure what a schnoll is, but pretty sure it came out of a guessing game (as in, someone may have been drawing a schnoll). Anyway, it makes for a pretty good family inside joke. Or a band name.
Anyway, so this week I set out to make cake balls. I had heard about them for some time and tried some really good pumpkin ones back in the fall. I knew I wanted to make my mark by making them with funfetti cake mix and frosting. Who doesn't like funfetti? They're so colorful and magical, and look perfect for a celebration. But I'm not celebrating anything except the awesomeness that is existence.

I have to say, my Funk Betty Balls were quite a success, if by success, me eating several throughout the day counts. But my nephew scarfed one down and my coworkers seemed to appreciate them.

The Funk Betty Balls were actually pretty easy to make, no need for a recipe, really. Here's what you do:

1. Make a box cake mix according to the package, baking it in a 13x9-inch pan.

Cut into the cake

The Cake in the Bowl
2. After the cake has cooled, crumble it up in a large mixing bowl. Dump 1 tub of frosting into the cake crumbles. Mix together with a spatula, then cover and freeze for about an hour, or until scoopable.

The cake and frosting mixture. Appetizing...
3. Scoop the cake mixture into 1-tbsp sized balls. I used a small cookie scoop. Place the balls on a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze for about an hour or until fairly cold and solid.
Balls in the freezer.
4. When it is almost time to pull the balls out of the freezer, melt some white chocolate or dark chocolate in a double boiler. If melting white chocolate, make sure to keep a very close eye on it, stirring constantly, and make sure it does not burn.

5. Pull the balls out of the freezer and, one at a time, dip into the melted chocolate. I used two forks for dipping and still found it to be very messy. Place the balls back on the parchment. Sprinkle sprinkles on top of the balls right away if using.

Pretty Little Funk Betty Balls!
6. Put the sheet of balls into the fridge to harden before transferring to a plate or some reusable containers. I keep the balls in my fridge so they don't get melty.

I covered some in semisweet chocolate after running out of white chocolate.

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